Bob Dylan – Saving Grace: Interpretation in a Video

Bob Dylan received a lot of criticism for his Christian period. Here, we look at “Saving Grace” from a spiritual perspective – a song released in 1980 on side two of “Saved”, the second album of the so-called “Christian Trilogy”. Its predecessor was “Slow Train Coming” in 1979, its successor “Shot of Love” in 1981.

We have already written in more detail about the song here.

Here’s the video with our suggestion for an interpretation:

Bob Dylan’s Saving Grace: A Spiritual Perspective

Some aspects covered in the video:

  • Escaping death
  • Mystical death (of the ego)
  • Love and Light – but at which level of being?
  • Peace as an authentic State of Being
  • Different ways of reading the Bible

Keen to read about your views about this Dylan song – let me know!

For those you enjoy reading in German, there’s also a German blog post about Saving Grace.

What's your view?

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