November 2022
Finally added the first post about a spiritual movie: the brilliant Revolver (2005), written and directed by Guy Ritchie, featuring Jason Statham and the late Ray Liotta.

Summer of 2022
Added interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche. It was only this year that I started seeing a spiritual context in the song. Had known it for many years. Had always been fascinated, but in a somewhat morbid way. 14 videos now.

October 2021
Videos section now contains 12 videos altogether: 8 interpreting Bob Dylan songs, and 4 about songs by other artists.

August 2021
Progress on our Youtube Channel!

New section on this website: Videos. Currently two subpages:

Check it out!

November 2020
We feel that the spoken word, combined with showing one’s face, is more contemporary than blog posts. So we started the spirit-rockmusic Youtube channel! Like with the website, it will take time to add new videos … Check out our progress!

May 2020
Meanwhile, the first 20 posts are published. Half of them cover songs by Bob Dylan (6) and Leonard Cohen (4), but there are also songs by Harry Styles, John Lennon, Jethro Tull, Queen, Estas Tonne, Ralph McTell, Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel and Peter, Sue & Marc.

February 2020
This project was only just started. Lacking content, but we have loads of ideas! Due to time constraints, it will take a while to gradually build up articles.

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