Bob Dylan: Shelter from the Storm

Flammarion: A traveller puts his head under the edge of the firmament

Bob Dylan’s Shelter from the Storm, to me, signifies two fields of life: on the one hand, our well-known world of opposites, struggles, and desperation, and on the other hand the world of the living soul. I see a path described in the song from experiencing the borderline in our physical world up to a new state of being, based on the immortal soul. read more

Bob Dylan’s Saving Grace: Interpretation in a Video Nick Fewings

Dylan received a lot of criticism for his Christian period. Here, we look at “Saving Grace” from a spiritual perspective – a song released in 1980 on side two of “Saved”, the second album of the so-called “Christian Trilogy”. Its predecessor was “Slow Train Coming” in 1979, its successor “Shot of Love” in 1981. read more