We strongly believe that spiritual impulses reach out for humanity in many ways. Our mission is to dig in lyrics of rock and pop music songs (and sometimes movies) and look out for spiritual levels of understanding.

Of course, there is no right and wrong in this context. How music is perceived is very individual, and what resonates in one person in one way may resonate in another person in a much different way.

If we manage to raise interest in one or the other song, or if we manage to inspire looking at songs from a different angle, we will be more than happy.

We startet out with a German language blog (that features a Google translate option at least) that covers more topics (e. g. many posts about spiritual books). Seeing vivid discussions about Bob Dylan lyrics in English language forums motivated us to start this website.

Although confident about writing in English, we realized that not being native speakers, we sometimes struggle for words on subtle topics like here. Feedback and suggestions for better wording are welcome.

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