Bob Dylan’s Isis: Interpretation as a Video

The narrator marrying Isis, their break-up, his adventures, and their reunification may symbolize a spiritual path connecting a seeker to his spirit-soul.

We have written about this Dylan masterpiece in more detail here, and are happy to now present an interpretation in video format.

Bob Dylan’s Isis: A Spiritual Perspective

I find it brilliant how Dylan describes a path (if you want to see it that way) that may evoke high expectations of wisdom, initiation, enlightenment … In contrast, gaining deeper self-knowledge can be a sobering and humbling experience. The “dylanesque” conversations between the seeker and his companion and, even more so, with Isis resonate well with this perspective.

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A Dylan live recording from 1976:

Dylan singing Isis live in 1976

You might also like this cover version by The White Stripes:

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