Bob Dylan’s Changing of the Guards: Interpretation as a Video

Many people have stated they love the song, but find it very hard to make sense of the lyrics. This is evident, for example, in the comment sections below Youtube videos of Dylan performances and cover versions of this song.

In true Dylan fashion, the lyrics support a variety of interpretations. We look at them from the perspective of a fallen soul seeking the path of salvation.

We have written about Changing of the Guards previously. Here’s an interpretation in video format.

A video interpretation of Bob Dylan’s Changing of the Guards

Keen to hear and read about your views! What do you associate with this masterpiece?

Here’s Dylan’s recording:

Bob Dylan sings Changing of the Guards

A version I particularly like is by Patti Smith, to be found on her great album Twelve:

Patti Smith sings Changing of the Guards

Those who like a German cover version may enjoy Peter Post‘s take:

Peter Post’s German version of Changing of the Guards

What's your view?

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