Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche: Spiritual Interpretation in a Video

Listening to Leonard Cohen‘s Avalanche, I used to feel uneasy, at the mercy of a power beyond my scope. Now I see it as crucial advice on a spiritual path.

Some key aspects covered in the video:

  • The art of starting a song spectacularly – including a reference to a Bob Dylan song
  • Crumbs of love – at the mercy of a higher power
  • The speaker as the Divine Soul within
  • The hunchback talking to the human seeker
  • Pain and suffering – turning into a servant of the Divine
  • The pedestal – false worship and soberness
  • The God within needs the help of man
  • Avoiding both self-pity and exaggeration
Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche: A Spiritual Perspective

These aspects are covered in a blog post as well.

Here’s a live recording of the song that I really like – it is like a heart-felt prayer to me:

Leonard Cohen performing Avalanche

Nick Cave did a very intense version that resonates well with me:

Nick Cave singing Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche

Here’s a somewhat softer version by the same artist:

Nick Cave: A softer version of Avalanche

One more – Janileigh Cohen is, to my knowledge, not related to Leonard:

Janileigh Cohen singing Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche

All the best for your own quest!

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